The basement chef

Ronsar Lo is a superb chef with an unusual resume. Training: YouTube. Restaurant: His basement kitchen. Day job: structural designer.

A tour of Vancouver’s
‘Missing Middle’ Housing Projects

The Tyee. March 27, 2017.
Creative thinking, relaxed zoning inspire buildings that add density to neighbourhoods — without adding towers.

Way’s Favourite Machine

With GP Mendzoa.
The good old days of arcade gaming in Vancouver are long gone, but Wayland Chin is one of the few who still visits arcades regularly to perfect his skills on the music game, Dance Dance Revolution. He currently holds the highest score on Vancouver’s three public DDR machines. Official Selection at the 2015 Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival.

Designing the Rental Housing Renaissance

The Tyee. Sept. 25, 2017.
There’s been a three decade lag of rental housing in Canada, but development is finally starting to pick up again. Experts share how to make rentals more convenient and communal in our cities.

The Mega-mansion Threat to Farmland

The Tyee. May 24, 2018.
Harold Steves helped crate B.C.’s Agricultural Land Reserve in 1973 when he was an NDP MLA. As a Richmond Councilor and local farmer, Steves is now fighting to protect farmland from a new threat: buyers interested in farm properties for the big homes, and not the farmland. Will the ALR become a “Recreational Land Reserve”?